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Communication Horse

Leather collection Horse

Collection "Horse" presents leather jackets and overcoats.
The 6 basic models are presented in 5 different universes (Riding City, Saumur, Military, New Look, Boudoir) and 20 models.

This collection associates noble and complementary matters:
- more beautiful leathers: the goat velvet, the veiled lamb, the young cow nubuck, the pig velvet, the young cow rodeo,
- an atypical lining such as fabrics of silk,
- cotton laces, braiding ganses,
- discrete but worked buttons...


INSPIRATION: the world of the horse

THE COLOR: the brown

THE WOMAN: a woman of character which dares

MATTERS: alliance of leather and lace

STYLE: a cut and one fallen perfect


INSPIRATION: the spirit "Cadre Noir" of the school of French military horsemanship of Saumur

THE COLOR: the black

THE WOMAN: a neat woman, liking sobriety, quality and the beautiful matters

MATTERS: alliance of leather and lace

STYLE: a rigorous cut and an invaluable lining


INSPIRATION: military spirit "camouflage"

THE COLOR: khaki, bronze

THE WOMAN: baroudeuse with the spirit of adventure, which wants to be sensual and wild in the urban "jungle"

MATTERS: alliance of leather and lace

STYLE: a militarized cut


INSPIRATION: incarnated femininity, a little old-fashioned but resolutely modern spirit

THE COLOR: the beige

THE WOMAN: an ultra feminine woman, rascal, voluptuous

MATTERS: leathers velvet, lace, braiding

STYLE: a impeccable cut and fallen. Feeling of comfort combined with elegance


INSPIRATION: spirit modern "Marie-Antoinette"

THE COLOR: the pink and the white

THE WOMAN: a smart Diva, a demanding and refined woman who dares and likes to please

MATTERS: alliance of leather and lace

STYLE: products refined by the quality and the cut of its matters, products atypical by its colors and the alliance of its details



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