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The Collection is inspired by the Indian sung poems of Rabindranath Tagore.

He often said that its songs would survive Bengal, a long time after its name and its writings would be forgotten. It is difficult to believe that l'?uvre literary of the Bengali poet could be forgotten one day. If his books are regarded as "traditional", ie, as in the past, his melodies sung remain an ever-present news.
A music extremely sophisticated technology that retains the essential features of art music in India. The simple melodies and strong highlighting moments in the life of India.

The Style: each of thems are trying to rewrite the principles of these poems sung, ie simple lines, see classical, inspired by the dress shapes of India, but modern clothes by their detail, their contents and their specific cuts.

The color schemes are growing as quiet waves for a better link with the matter. They alleviate the superfluous to smolder secretly incandescence textile : colors are alanguiring themself with serene and enveloping modesty. The darkest colors and most mysterious combine with those expressing light and hope, to convey the spirit of both tormented and full of joy of this great poet.


Thème « Nuage Blanc »
A line that could be described as a line of "wedding" by its colors: white with a hint of pink.
Products elegant and sophisticated for a chic woman in the style of a Queen.
A white leather lamb associated with a silk taffeta or silk embroidered in contrast to a white cotton braid.
White corset is for a bride resolutely contemporary and chic: modernity is in his bowl in his chest and materials that are quilted cotton and scratched cotton overlaid with lace. Pink corset is a product sexy without being dared, which is decorated with various matters : doupion silk embroidered, satin and velvet printed, silk covered with wild lace.


Thème « Romance indienne »
In the evening serenity of the city of Varanasi envelope its inhabitants. At sunset date, the Ganges has to be a pink veil tinged with bluish gray hue.
These colors were used to give the line a contemporary silhouette. A woman with oriental air, sure of her, and sexy. Certainly the theme the most fashion with its associations of daring colors and accessories.
A set of alternating gray and beige to gray to beige. All this included in leather such as goats velvet (skins fishing), lambs soft and silky, with wild silk lining and lace embroidered cotton striped, floral silk or iridescent.
Blue corset is a model which combines modernity, elegance and sensuality to give a contemporary silhouette: it is made from wild silk lace enhanced with embellished lace and velvet printed.
Two handbags differents: one is falsely classic in a brown plum for a sport look, the other is unusual both in its form and in its contents, blue fur and furniture fabrics.


Thème « Offrande Indienne »
"In the covered market, merchants saris, barefoot in their stalls, selling the finest qualities of silk embroidered with golden thread. Manufacturer of sitars, vendors toy wooden stalls powder, spices iridescent, incense shops, everything is enchantment. " (According to O. Föllmi)
The tone colors ranging from pale yellow to dark brown. A color range identical to a slack spices in a market of India: "Homage to India." The soft and soothing colors, as the woman who carries it : a woman sensual and sophisticated, fingerprint of spirituality.
As the range of colors, there is a great range of matters: lamb, goat velvet, pork velvet embellished with braid of silk flowered, black and gold lace or fur. The lining silk striped colors are gold and spice and illuminate leathers as fall spices a dish. And all is working in a idea of different features.
The corset colored spices is a model for a sensual and refined woman : a exotic model made of jacquard.
With its handbag spirit award, the woman can go to do pretty woman at all parties : handbags in silk taffeta, gold lace and leather.
The other bag is a city bag with leather and silk taffeta for a city woman with elegance and refinement.


Thème « Softy Black »
"During the night, the sky on fire shrinks, gave way to the stars. The stars take place on the stage of the cosmos "(according to O. Föllmi," Tribute to India ")
This reflects the shift of colors: spices gold, brown and black. Who identifies a fine woman, but also glamorous. Goods valued by the goat of a black velvet deep and exquisite touch.
A lining of embroidered wild silk and an thin and discreet braid. All this enhanced by corsets worked in the same colors finalized by touches of crystal beads. All of this is to give a silhouette of star.
2 corsets black and white enhance the jacket and the overcoat and give them a modern touch by the use of vichy and lace; all this for a star silhouette.



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